Le Cinéma de la Présence – Réaliser pour les univers immersifs (2022)
A book by Milosz Hermanowicz published by Génération Numérique, 156 pages, ISBN-10: ‎2955949183, ISBN-13: ‎978-2955949184, language: French.


The book has been written by a practitioner looking for concepts that are useful in both the design and production of immersive projects. This book is aimed at audiovisual professionals or students who want to move from mastering 2D media to immersive media. The author draws on his personal practice and that of his peers, but also on the theoretical work of Patrice Bouvier, to introduce a concept specific to immersive media: the sense of presence. He proposes a set of design and narrative tools aimed at questioning and adapting classical notions such as the frame, the hierarchy of shots, editing, off-screen or camerawork.