A mysterious Red Lady walks down small streets full of life. A priest riding a bike says hello to a parishioner, a car drives by, a little girls dances, an old women feeds her dog. The Red Lady visits a market full of horses and wicker baskets. Men and women look at themselves, dance, kiss each other. Other men are frightened, suffer, indifferent eyes look on. Out of this world half-dreamed, half-hallucinated comes the Red Lady. Who is she? Where will she go?

Produced entirely from found footage, this film is based on archival still and moving images, 2D and 3D, professional and home-made.

Red Lady (2012)
6′ – short stereoscopic movie

• Grand Prix, Courant 3D 2014, Angoulême, France.
• First Prize, Parallax Festival 2013, Prague, Czech.

• Premiers Plans 2013, Angers, France.
• 3D Image Festival 2013, Lodz, Poland.
• 3D-Festival Beyond 2013, Karlsruhe, Germany.